AOL's iPad Site is Better Than Ever


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AOL has enhanced its iPad site in response to user feedback. Searching on the site is easier than ever because it has decided to be more consisted and adopt the search field and icons used on the desktop site.

The site now offers a Sports News Section so fans can get keep up with Lamar Odom's career or see what coach has been caught hiring one of their mistresses.

They have also added a Business News section that details market updates so users can monitor their stock portfolios.

Movie lovers will also notice that running times, release dates, and critic scores are featured to the right of the film's thumbnail. This should help people plan schedules around their movie viewing experiences. It could also be used as a resource for determining whether you should see "The Cabin in the Woods" in theaters, or wait for it to come out to Redbox.

Designers also elected to have the leading stories rotate at the top of the page because they noticed it was a popular features on their desktop site. If the lead story switches too fast, you can review earlier articles by swiping back to where you were and the whole section will pause itself.