AOL Patterns Online Marketing Strategies After Those Used for TV


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AOL will be partnering with Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to reach their target audience more efficiently. AOL announced today that it will offer marketers guaranteed audience delivery for online video advertising by implementing Nielsen's frequency and gross rating point (GRP) measurement to determine how well it delivered ads to the desired target.

GRP is a fundamental navigational metric. It is a coarse measurement of how a corporate entity approached its target audience and how its budget was spent.

According to Marketing Metrics Made Simple, GRP as a stand alone measurement:

"Provide no analysis – for example, it provides no evaluation of an outlet's credibility with the audience. It is important not to make this metric do more than it is meant to do.It doesn't even mean that everyone you counted even saw your message. For example, many television viewers whose receivers were tuned to "your" program may have been in the kitchen or bathroom when your commercial was on the screen. And many people may have driven by your United Way banner without looking at it."

Ran Harnevo, Senior Vice President, AOL Video is very excited about the shift, “AOL has a significant volume of high-quality content valued by advertisers and we are excited to take the lead on showing marketers the value and differentiated results we can guarantee.”

But are the guarantees that AOL is claiming to provide marketers going to assist clients in reaching their goals?