Anti-Reflective Displays Coming To Apple's iMac?


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Apple's iMac line of desktop computers may be getting anti-glare displays according to a recent report. MacBooks (before they were discontinued) and MacBook Pros have been offering anti-reflective displays for several years, but now Apple may be looking to put them on the iMac line, too.

According to a report today from DigiTimes, G-Tech Optoelectronics is preparing to increase its production of glass display covers in the coming year as the company prepares to fill orders for the glass panels for Apple's iPad. The report says G-Tech may also be supplying anti-reflective panels for Apple's computers. Though the report does not mention the iMac by name, it does refer to "Apple's all-in-one (AIO) PCs." That, of course, refers to the iMac, which is the only AIO that Apple makes.

The report also said that many manufacturers of touch panel displays are reporting decreasing profits or even losses, despite the fact that devices with touch screens are seeing increasing demand. G-Tech, along with several other notable display companies, posted a significantly lower gross margin in the fourth quarter than in the rest of the year.

The anti-glare displays in Apple's MacBook Pro line have proven pretty popular with consumers since they were introduced, as they make the screens easier to see in a variety of lighting conditions. It stands to reason that Apple would bring the displays to the iMac as well, though nothing is confirmed as yet.

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