Anonymous Hacks North Korea's Twitter, Flickr Accounts

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Did you know North Korea has a Twitter and flickr account? The nation uses these accounts to spread its propaganda, but recent world events have made the nation's online presence a target for hackers.

The Guardian reports that North Korea's Twitter and flickr accounts have been compromised by hackers claiming to be a part of Anonymous. The reasoning behind the attacks seems to be in retaliation to North Korea's most recent threat to attack the United States and its allies with nuclear weapons. In fact, one of the images posted on flickr calls out North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un for "threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons" among other things.

Anonymous Hacks North Korea's Twitter, Flickr Accounts

Other images on the flickr account include an image of the North Korean flag with a Guy Fawkes mask, and a simple "We Are Anonymous" in white text on a black background.

The Twitter hack is far less entertaining, however, as the only updates to it thus far have been multiple messages that say "hacked" while linking to North Korean Web sites that have been taken down by Anonymous.

Unlike other recent hacks, I doubt that North Korea will try to wrestle away its accounts from Anonymous. I highly doubt that Twitter and flickr are in the mood to help them get the accounts back either.

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