Anonymous Hacked By Rival Hacker Collective

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Over the past few days, a number of high profile brands and people have had their Twitter accounts hacked. Burger King was the first to fall victim to the hacks with Donald Trump's personal account following a day later. Now the latest victim is connected with the group responsible for the hacks.

BBC News reports that the popular Anonymous Central Twitter (@Anon_Central) was hacked by a rival hacker group known as Rustle League. The Twitter feed was forced down, and now the account is starting from scratch.

While this was going on, most of the dramas was taking place on the fellow @Anon_Central Twitter. Some were saying that a fight between rival hacker collectives was wonderfully entertaining, but most were asking the two groups to work together instead of fighting amongst themselves.

Of course, some people find the idea of Anonymous getting hacked to be scary in and of itself:

It should be noted that not all hackers are related to Anonymous, and some really hate Anonymous. In this case, it seems that Rustle League was in it for the "lulz." There might be cases in the future, however, where rival hacker collectives take things to serious new levels by posting personal information on those involved in each group. For hackers veiled in anonymity, that would be the worst possible thing.

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