Anne Hathaway Gets Even With Paparazzi, Leaves Dog Poop on Photographer's Car

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Actress Anne Hathaway definitely feels some type of way about the paparazzi.

While it's no secret that most celebrities despise nosy, over-aggressive paparazzi snapping pictures all the time, it's quite obvious her level of frustration has soared to an unprecedented level.

It's so bad, she's decided to take action. On Thursday, Dec. 26, the Les Miserables actress was spotted taking her dog Esmerelda for an after-Christmas walk.

Of course, it was the paparazzi who spotted her, and proceeded to follow her.

Well, it must have just been one of those days because the intrusiveness really grated on her nerves.

Several media outlets report that she made her sentiments known when she scooped up her dog's feces, bagged it, and placed it on the photographer's car!

The Huffington Post even posted pictures of Hathaway actually committing the shameless act. The publication shared the shocking news and pictures on Twitter.

The first image shows a visibly irritable Hathaway. Then, another image shows Hathaway with a yellow plastic bag that she used to pick up the dog's feces. But, then a third image shows the same plastic bag with the dog's feces on a silver vehicle, which most assume, belonged to the photographer.

The Huffington Post has attempted to contact Hathaway's representative in regards to the photographer's 'after-Christmas' surprise. However, no one has been available for comment as of yet.

While some may consider Hathaway's behavior immature and tasteless, she's definitely made it known that she won't tolerate the irritation and violation of her privacy! In so many words, the 31-year-old actress has also made it clear in the past that she really doesn't care what people think of her. According to OMG! UK, the Oscar award-winning actress even supported a New York Times column on how it's "fashionable to hate her".

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Anne Hathaway

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