Anne Hathaway Attacked By Playful Blue Parrot

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Anne Hathaway voiced the character Jewell in the movie Rio. Jewell was a spunky and brave blue macaw who meets up with Rio and decides to help him get home to his owner.

Hathaway was attending a Miami Walk of Fame ceremony on Friday when a blue macaw was placed on her shoulder. The colorful bird didn’t behave as expected and instead of sitting pretty, it decided to climb onto Hathaway’s head and began picking at her scalp and hair.

Although Hathaway seemed to be caught a little off guard by the incident, she was not harmed and was able to find the humor in it. She smiled and laughed throughout the ordeal as the bird continued to peck at her.

The blue macaw wasn’t the only animal that had a thing for Hathaway at the event, a white anteater also wanted to get close to her. The animal approached Hathaway and even nuzzled her. Although the look on her face suggested that she was a little nervous about the encounter, Hathaway smiled and squealed with excitement as it continued to demand her attention.

Maybe Hathaway should add animal whisperer to her list of accomplishments. Aside from her animal companions, Hathaway’s costars from the movie Rio also attended the event. Later in the evening, the cast attended the Rio 2 premiere event at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.

A carnival band entertained the crowd and Monae, who sings one of the songs on the movie's soundtrack, even gave a live performance. Hathaway wore a blue and orange dress to the event and Tracy Morgan brought his fiancé and newborn daughter to join in the celebration.

Rio 2 was released internationally on March 20 and opens in theaters in the United States on April 11.

Did you like the first Rio film and do you plan to watch the second one?

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