AnnaLynne McCord Officially Dating Rick Fox

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AnnaLynne McCord and Rick Fox made the rumors official on Thursday night at a pre-Super Bowl event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The two arrived separately to Hennessy V.S. Super Bowl lounge at the W Hotel, but were together the whole night.

AnnaLynne McCord seems to be pretty serious with Rick Fox.

She was overheard referring to him as her boyfriend.

AnnaLynne McCord held his hand and smiled as though they weren't that new of a couple.

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"They were really cute, holding hands, and even while fans asked Rick to take pics he held her hand while he took pics with them," an onlooker told People.

AnnaLynne McCord and Rick Fox also posed together for several pictures throughout the night.

AnnaLynne McCord, 27, is moving on pretty quickly from ex-boyfriend Dominic Purcell. Their long-term relationship ended just last December.

#Blessed to have this wonderful woman in my life for 8 years now! #LorenaJimenez #FriendshipforLife

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Rick Fox was famously married to Vanessa Williams from 1999 to 2004. He then apparently decided he'd go for younger women.

He dated Eliza Dushku, 33, for five years until their breakup last year.

AnnaLynne McCord, who is an anti-sexual assault/sex-trafficking activist, also showed Fox some love over Twitter when he apparently tweeted a photo of a person wearing a #NoMore T-shirt. #NoMore is an anti-domestic violence campaign, which has partnered with the NFL.

The caption read, "Thk u #FutureHusband."

AnnaLynne McCord moves fast! Fox does seem to show her a lot of support as she works for her anti-sexual assault/sex-trafficking cause.

AnnaLynne McCord admitted last summer that she was raped as a teenager.

After taking some time to heal from what happened in her past, AnnaLynne McCord is on a mission to help other women and girls who suffer from abuse and trafficking.

AnnaLynne McCord told People after she came out with her secret, "I needed to rescue [myself]. Now that I rescued [myself], I rescue those girls and do the right things for the right reasons."

When asked what she would say to her younger self after her attack, AnnaLynn McCord said she would tell herself to "stop looking at the close-up, and look at the wide shot."

She continued, "Look at your life for this moment. Right here is a blip and it will disappear and it will mean something … this suffering, this heartbreak, this obstacle, whatever it is, is going to make you great if you let it. So let it make you great."

It's a good thing her new boyfriend, Rick Fox, is supportive of her cause, because AnnaLynne McCord seems to be doing a lot of good!

What do you think of this new couple?

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