Anna Wintour: Why She Doesn't Attend Met Gala After Parties

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Anna Wintour visited Late Night With Seth Meyers earlier this week, and chatted with host Seth Meyers about the Met Gala. The Vogue editor-in-chief dished about different celebrities and what they wore to the big event, and even dished on why she doesn't partake in a tradition after the big evening.

Wintour touched on Anne Hathway's gold lame Ralph Lauren gown.

"I thought she looked amazing," Wintour said of the actress who once played a character inspired by the editor's assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. "I have to admit I was slightly confused by the China reference, but I did my research and I found out that Anne and Ralph Lauren had actually based this dress on a modern Chinese artist, whose work features hip-hop artists and people wearing hoodies. So there you go, it's brilliant!"

Anna Wintour had very positive things to say about Justin Bieber--even after Seth Meyers said his custom Balmain blazer paired with an asymmetrical button-down shirt, a black cummerbund, and black trousers looked funny.

"Now come on, Seth," she said. "This was actually one of my favorites. These are all Chinese dragons and apparently that's aged gold bullion thread... as it should be."

So what tradition regarding the Met Gala does Anna Wintour forgo?

She doesn't go to the after parties.

"I don't go to the after parties," she shared. "I think people always feel if I go to the after parties, they have to behave well, which, after all, is not the point of an after party. So, Rihanna and Lady Gaga were the hosts of the after parties. I retire with George Clooney."

Speaking of George Clooney--Anna Wintour said he could where anything he wanted becaause "he has Amal on his arm and he's George Clooney--he doesn't have to wear anything."

She makes a very good point. George Clooney doesn't have to wear a thing.

Are you surprised by Anna Wintour's reason behind not attending the after parties? That almost makes her seem approachable--doesn't it?

Wintour definitely seem approachable on Late Night With Seth Meyers. In fact, the Vogue editor-in-chief was really very funny.

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