Anna Kendrick Writing a Book; She Doesn't Know About What

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Anna Kendrick recently announced that she is publishing a book of essays next year. That's one of the perks of being a celebrity: you can get a publishing offer without ever having actually written anything before.

“Obviously I’m hoping to find my own voice, but having never written anything before, I’m not really sure what to expect," Anna Kendrick says. "But it’s going to be fun. Part of me is like, ‘Yeah! I’m writing a book… if I can.’ Is that something I can do? I’ll find out.”

Anna Kendrick says that she is leveraging modern technology to the hilt to get her book cranked out. But it is not in a very streamlined way.

“I’ve got like notes all over my phone in different places, different apps,” she said. “I got my Stickies on my Mac, and I’ve got seven different Word documents that I just keep adding stuff to. I’ve got Post-it notes everywhere, so I’m hoping that when I get the chance to sit down and look at it all together, it’ll add up to something.”

Somebody introduce that girl to Evernote.

Even the choice of topics is still very up in the air. She has no particular plan for what to write about. It sounds like she's just writing stuff that pops into her head. And she'll get paid for it. Because that's how publishing works now.

“If I was trying to do it like, ‘What are my thoughts on men?’ I would be like, ‘I don’t know! I don’t have thoughts on men!'” she says. “I just keep remembering stupid things that happened to me when I was younger and many, many stupid things that happened to me recently. [I’m] trying to write them down and see if it comes out more funny—or more tragic.”

Back on the filmmaking front, Anna Kendrick recently said that she is not holding her breath about the potential success of Pitch Perfect 2.

“I’m really focused on putting this movie out and then letting the audience tell us what to do next. I’m not one to count my chickens, so I just want to see how this one does and find out if there’s an appetite for that before I even think about it,” Kendrick said. “I’ll drive myself crazy.”

Anna Kendrick says she didn't want to just crank out a sequel for the sake of milking a franchise.

“I didn’t know if they were just going to do a sloppy seconds version of it, and that was the thing that made me nervous,” she said. “When I found out it was really going forward and it was going to be a real movie and everybody was coming back—there was no way I was going to miss out on that.”

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