Anna Kendrick: Tweet About Ryan Gosling Blows Up

Amanda CrumLife

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Anna Kendrick must have seen something she liked in the new film "Gangster Squad", because she recently took to Twitter to complain about theater protocol when it comes to getting auto-erotic.

The 27-year old has amassed quite a following on the social media site in recent months, consistently tweeting out funny or insightful posts. Her latest, while considered more racy than usual, has garnered over 20,000 retweets as fans realize she's not as shy as she might seem onscreen.

Of course, no one is blaming Kendrick for her Gosling-love. The face that launched a thousand memes has been touring the talk shows during promotion for "Gangster Squad" and made the day of one lucky "Conan" audience member last week when he pulled her onstage.

Amanda Crum
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