Anna Kendrick: Life As America's Musical Darling

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Anna Kendrick loves to sing. She has been singing her entire career. And she's darn good.

It was recently announced that Anna Kendrick will be performing at the Oscars this year.

She posted her news to Twitter for the world to see.

Anna Kendrick said, "Excited to announce @TheAcademy has invited me to be part of a special performance at the #Oscars on Feb. 22nd!"

It will be exciting to see just what Anna Kendrick will do for the Academy!

From Pitch Perfect to Into the Woods, Anna Kendrick has been impressing us with her singing chops for years. Apparently, it's starting to really pay off.

Garlic bread for lunch mint flavored EOS should work right? @eosproducts

A photo posted by Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47) on

Academy Awards producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron confirmed, saying, "Out of the woods and on to the Oscar stage, Anna will be performing something special that is sure to be an 'Only on the Oscars' moment."

That's incredible and impressive, to say the least.

When Anna Kendrick was asked on Wednesday night's Conan about singing, she readily admitted, "I love it!" and that singing is "near and dear" to her heart.

Anna Kendrick's new movie, The Last Five Years, in which she sings, of course, will be out this weekend just in time for Valentine's day.

Anna Kendrick has also started filming for the highly-anticipated Pitch Perfect 2.

All cindered-up. #TwoDaysToIntoTheWoods

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Is there anything Anna Kendrick can't do?

Are you excited to see Anna Kendrick in her new movie?

I know I am. What an amazing voice!

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