Anna Duritskaya: Girlfriend Of Slain Putin Critic In Hiding

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Anna Duritskaya, in a situation that sounds like a really familiar spy movie, is now in hiding after being on "virtual house arrest".

Anna Duritskaya was detained for three days of interrogation after her boyfriend, Russian opposition leader Boris Y. Nemtsov, was gunned down.

As soon as she was free to go, Anna Duritskaya fled to her mother's home in Ukraine.

The two of them slipped away under a mass media gathering that began after the shooting on Friday.

Anna Duritskaya, a 23-year-old model and actress, is fearful for her life. She has erased all of her social media profiles and will not answer her cell phone.

In numerous reports by state-run media, they attempt to pin Nemtsov's murder on anyone but the Kremlin. Investigators claim they are looking onto everything from foreign intrigue aimed at destabilizing Russia, to an act of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism on behalf of Russia's Chechens and other Caucasus Muslims, and even an act of passionate rage from a romantic rival of Anna Duritskaya's.

They have also insinuated that Anna Duritskaya could have had something to do with it.

However, many citizens and many around the world can't help but wonder if Vladimir Putin or his associates were involved.

There are many suspicious situations surrounding the night Nemtsov was gunned down while walking home from dinner over a bridge above the Moscow River with Anna Duritskaya.

For example, the area, which is steps from the Kremlin, is usually heavily monitored by cameras, but many cameras at the scene had been taken out of service for maintenance Friday.

Also, some footage that was recovered shows a snowplow going slowly along the bridge sidewalk that appeared to provide cover for the gunman.

There was no snow.

Anna Duritskaya did a Skype interview with independent news outlet Dozhd in order to avoid official censorship.

She said, "I do not know who did it. I do not want to answer any more questions about what happened on the bridge. I do not want to talk about it."

What do you think about this political drama? Do you think Anna Duritskaya is safe?

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