Anna Duggar: When is Her Baby Due? Will She and Josh Duggar Announce the Birth?

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Anna Duggar is in a most precarious situation. Her husband, Josh Duggar, molested five underage girls when he was a teen. Four of them are the 19 Kids and Counting star's own sisters. Two of those sisters--Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald--admitted on TV that their brother sexually molested them.

Anna Duggar is expecting her fourth child with Josh Duggar next month. Has her actual due date been shared with the media? Some are wondering if the couple will even announce the new baby's birth when she makes her entrance into the world.

Just over two months ago, Anna Duggar shared a photo of herself with sisters-in-law Jill and Jessa Duggar in their various stages of pregnancy. It's sad to think that Anna might not have that camaraderie now, as she enters the final stages of her pregnancy.

"Congratulations Ben & Jessa on your pregnancy! It was so fun to have all 3 of us pregnant together!!!" Anna Duggar captioned the photo.

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Jessa and Jill Duggar claim they have forgiven Josh Duggar of his transgressions, and moved on. Hopefully that means they will be supportive of Anna Duggar when she gives birth to her fourth child. Josh and Anna Duggar recently arrived back in Arkansas, where they will live in a foreclosed property they purchased last January. They family was living outside of Washington, D.C. when word of Josh's sexual molestation scandal hit the media, and as a result he resigned from his position with the Family Research Council.

Anna Duggar recently returned after several weeks away from social media, to wish her oldest child happy birthday on Instagram.

"So glad to be in Arkansas celebrating Michael's 4th birthday--we love you Mikey!" she captioned her post.

So glad to be in Arkansas celebrating Michael's 4th birthday -- we love you Mikey!

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Even though Anna Duggar knew of Josh's sexual molestations when she agreed to marry him, she certainly never realized the issue would come back to thrust them all front and center into the media spotlight. This can't have been easy on the expectant mom.

Some publications have stated that Anna Duggar was due to give birth in June, while others say July. Either way, her baby is due most any time now. When she and Josh Duggar had their previous children, their births were celebrated on 19 Kids and Counting. Since that won't be the case this time, fans will likely have to watch social media for word of when their new baby arrives.

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