Anna Duggar Reportedly Devastated About The Scandal, Considers Leaving Josh

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All eyes have been on Josh Duggar and his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, ever since news that he molested several young girls broke out.

But amid all the condemnations and finger pointing, people have forgotten some of the key players in Josh Duggar’s story – his alleged victims Jill and Jessa, and his wife Anna.

Reports say that despite the humiliation of being under public scrutiny over allegations that they might be among Josh’s victims, the two Duggar girls are “glad that people finally know the truth.”

An insider told OK! Magazine that contrary to what their parents said about the family having worked through this “dark and difficult time” Jim Bob and Michelle actually told the girls that “it was their Christian duty to forgive Josh.”

The source further disclosed that the girls were made to feel that it was their fault the molestation happened and they received no support from their parents.

Josh’s wife Anna is almost in the same boat.

The young mother, who’s also heavily pregnant with her fourth child, had previously stated her support for Josh.

She talked about her courtship with Josh in a previous interview and mentioned that her husband admitted his “mistakes” to her and her parents before they were even married.

She described how shocked and surprised she was with his admission and didn’t understand why he was doing it.

“For Josh, he wanted not just me but my parents to know who he really was – even very difficult past mistakes,” Anna explained.

But now a source close to Anna says that she’s devastated and furious about the scandal and feels that she’s receiving no support. Reports have also surfaced that the 26-year-old home maker is considering divorce and leaving the 19 Kids and Counting family behind.

"She feels trapped. If she leaves Josh to stay with her parents for a while, people will say she's abandoned him," the source explains. "She is stuck in the Duggar PR machine and feels completely alone.”

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