Ann Coulter Stunt Backfires Bigtime

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There are a lot of people out there who don't like the Obamas. Most of them narrow their ire to just the President himself. But there is a healthy slice of people who don't like First Lady Michelle Obama either. Perhaps they don't like her anti-obesity initiatives. Some see them as invasive. Some even blame her for making school lunches "nasty".

Or maybe, like Amanda Bynes, they just think she's ugly.

When Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram abducted almost 300 girls in Nigeria, the world rallied to show support, creating a hashtag campaign called #brringbackourgirls (Bring Back Our Girls).

Lots of people took part, tweeting out the message. Among their number was Michelle Obama. She, like many others, posted a photo of herself, holding a sign with the hashtag message on it.

Lot of people had some fun at the First Lady's expense, Photoshopping in different messages on her sign. That will happen.

Rush Limbaugh says that the FLOTUS holding the hashtag sign indicates that she supports terrorism. Go figure.

But leave it to Ann Coulter to step up and swing for the fences. Coulter took her own picture, with her own hashtag message, apparently intended as a parody of Michelle Obama's. Coulter's read: #bringbackourcountry (Bring Back Our Country).

Trouble was, a lot of people saw Coulter's jab as an opportunistic move to hijack the sentiment behind the original hashtag campaign. So the Photoshop militia let her have it with both barrels.

And then there was this helpful fellow.

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