Ann Coulter: Dedicated Political Troll Rides Again


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I have to admire Ann Coulter's hustle.

Whenever situations arise that do not require her opinion, she's right there to give it anyway.

After all, how else is she going to stay relevant enough to hawk her books?

In Coulter's latest bid for relevancy, she stepped up to defend the bizarre tweet by Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak about the subject of global warming.

The ultra-conservative Sajak is not a fan of the scientific community's bid to convince the global population that global warming is real.

He and a number of like-minded conservatives continue to resent the attempts to prove that it's something that Americans need to be more concerned and better educated about.

So the game show host spoke out:

Coulter claimed that Sajak was attempting to use humor in order to demonstrate how liberals attack conservatives with a difference of opinion.

Said Coulter, "“We all have to believe in global warming, we all have to believe in immigration...[W]e have to believe that Trayvon Martin was killed by a brutal racist, and if you don’t you get called all of these crazy names that Sajak is referring to."

The problem is that there's nothing in Sajak's comment referring to immigrants or Trayvon Martin.

Could it be that dedicated political troll Ann Coulter brought those subjects up to get a rise out of people and draw more attention herself?

It wouldn't be the first time she used a serious subject to accomplish just that.

In this case, despite claiming Sajak was using humor, Coulter doesn't believe he was joking (Sajak is already back-peddling).

”I’m sure he doesn’t believe in global warming," said Coulter. To no one's surprise she added that she didn't either.

I don't think any sensible person equates global warming deniers with Holocaust deniers, as Coulter claims.

Instead, persons who are concerned about the Earth and pollution would rather focus on preventive and responsible methods. Not everyone is interested in trolling for the sake of personal gain.

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