Angry Birds Star Wars Game Out November 8


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Just before the weekend, Rovio started an Angry Birds Tumblr blog and used it to tease an Angry Birds/Star Wars event at the Toys R Us in Times Square. Today, the official announcement has been made: the Angry Birds Star Wars crossover game is on its way.

Rovio's newest release, Bad Piggies, was released just two weeks ago and has seen huge success. Whether the surprise Star Wars crossover was a hedge against Bad Piggies being badly received or whether Rovio is just continuing to barrel ahead with all things Angry Birds, it's easy to predict that the combination will be a commercial success.

But the Angry Birds Star Wars game isn't the only Angry Birds Star Wars Product in the works. This is Star Wars, the biggest merchandising IP in history we're talking about, after all.

The Idle Hands blog got hold of some product screenshots for the merchandise that will accompany the game's release. It appears there will be Angry Birds Star Wars figurines, plushies, and costumes, as well as an Angry Bird Star Wars-branded Jenga set and an AT-AT Attack Battle Game.

Here's the teaser trailer for the game, featuring a slingshot-shaped lightsaber. I know I can't speak for everyone, but I can't wait to see what the Chewbacca Angry Bird's power is.