Angry Birds Reimagine Classic Star Wars Scenes

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Angry Birds: Star Wars is definitely a thing. It's the only the logical next step after Angry Birds Space proved to be so successful. It still doesn't make the pairing any less weird though. Rovio has dedicated themselves to making things weirder with their current ad campaign.

Over on YouTube, Rovio has been advertising the new game by superimposing Angry Birds characters into famous scenes from Star Wars. As it turns out, the birds are a little sensitive about their height.

It's a little strange to see the Angry Birds roaming around the Star Wars universe, but it's no stranger than what George Lucas did in the special edition cuts of the original trilogy. I'm actually liking what they did to the Aluminum Millenium Falcon. I always thought the ship needed a giant slingshot on the back.

As for actual gameplay, Rovio still isn't sharing. It will most likely be a hit, however, since Star Wars and Angry Birds are both very popular among the younger folks out there. I'm sure the children of the 80s are already groaning at the further bastardization of their favorite franchise, but they can at least rest easy in the fact that it's not as bad as Detours.

Angry Birds: Star Wars will launch for Android and iOS on November 8. It will presumably launch on other platforms soon after.

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