Angry Birds Now Embedable Through Facebook

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Angry Birds aficionados can now challenge their friends anywhere on the web by embedding a level from the Angry Birds Facebook app. Pocket-lint writer Stuart Miles spotted this feature today, which allows a player to embed a single level on any webpage after they have finished it. The embed contains the user's high score for the level, allowing players to challenge each other for Angry Birds score supremacy.

In addition, players can simply share a level straight to their Facebook wall, where their friends can immediately play it. After challengers complete the level, win or lose, a button appears inviting the player to play the full version of Angry Birds on Facebook. Unfortunately for some, you must be logged into Facebook to play the full game, even when clicking through an embedded Angry Birds level. Also, there is not yet a Facebook version of Angry Birds Space available. Still, this is a fun way to spread a bit of Angry Birds challenge around the web.

What do you think? Should more games make individual levels embeddable? Go ahead and try to beat my high score on the level below, and then leave a comment for me about it.

(via Pocket-lint)

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