Angry Birds Credit Cards Coming Soon.....To Russia

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What is left for Rovio to do after having their Angry Birds games downloaded over 1 billion times? Get into a partnership with a Russian bank to have an Angry Birds credit card of course.

According to the Moscow News, the company is working with Internet Retail Solutions (Irsol) on branded MasterCard cards that will be available in Russia on June 4. Irsol said that they will print out 100,000 cards and then will determine if there is enough demand for more cards to be printed.

This, once again, falls into Rovio's new found push to move away from a "video game only" business approach, and more into a multimedia approach. They have a theme park, have acquired new studios, and have a movie/cartoon in the works. They seem to really want to capitalize on the Angry Birds name and good public opinion while they still can to build a better brand.

Picture courtesy of Promsvyazbank

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