Angelina Jolie in Talks to Reprise 'Maleficent' Role

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Angelina Jolie is reportedly in the midst of talks about reprising her role in one of her most lucrative and creative films of all time. Yes, Disney fans--that means a Maleficent sequel is likely in the works.

Does this mean that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne Pitt-Jolie might be cast again, too? She played the young sleeping beauty in the film that grossed close to $760 million at box offices worldwide.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Angelina Jolie discussed preparation for her role in Maleficent, and talked that while she loved playing the Mistress of All Evil, she may have taken her preparation for the real a bit too seriously.

"I loved being Maleficent," she said. "I was quite sad to put my staff down and put my horns away because somehow, she just lives in a different world," she added. "But I did have to take my staff home to practice walking with it in my cloak, and then I would go outside and scream at the bushes to expand my voice and play with my voice. So, Mom was a bit nutso for a period."

'Nutso' clearly resulted in a huge hit for Angelina Jolie--and now talk of a sequel as well.

What did hubby Brad Pitt think of Angelina Jolie's role in Maleficent?

"He thinks she’s cool," Jolie said.

How cool would it be to see Angelina Jolie return to the big screen once again in a Maleficent sequel?

Kimberly Ripley
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