Android Abandonment When iPhone 5 Hits?

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Quite a few Android owners are willing to ditch their device when the new iPhone 5 comes out, according to research from Piper Jaffray. Although reports concerning Android consumption of late are quite positive, existing owners are apparently ready to switch to the iOS environment.

Or is it because the iPhone is a popular item in regards to American culture? Whatever the case, and good sales reports aside, Piper Jaffray's research -- courtesy of Business Insider -- indicates that there are quite a few Android owners who will abandon ship when the 5 comes out. The finding are presented in pie chart format, and the data is quite revealing:

Device Data

As you can see, currently, 28 percent of the respondents own an iPhone, compared to 28 percent for Blackberry and 17 for Android devices. However, the next graph tells the tale. When it's time to purchase a new device, an incredible 64 percent will be buying iPhones. Blackberry and Android receive 11 and 17 percent of the vote, respectively.

This also says a great deal about the fall of RIM, the makers of Blackberry. The mighty, or at least those with the perception of being mighty, fall fast in the mobile device industry. Another area of concern comes from the service provider, or in the case of the mobile industry, carriers. When the iPhone 5 comes out, apparently in October, customers with AT&T accounts could very well be making the switch to Verizon. Out of 216 respondents -- granted, that's not a huge sample size by any means -- 72 said AT&T would be their next carrier, while Verizon was given the nod 86 times.

Who knows, maybe after the T-Mobile mess is worked out, Verizon and AT&T can buy one another, giving us one carrier to rule them all. That would certainly spur innovation, right? Just ask Save the Internet:

Disdain aside, it's clear that, even with the reported successes of Android, people really, really want their iPhones, especially when 5 comes out.

Further details of the research indicate iPhone also has a better retention rate than Android. 94 percent of the respondents who were iPhone owners said they would purchase another one when the time came. Android owners, on the other hand, only have a 47 percent retention rate. Furthermore, 42 percent of the Android owners surveyed said they would switch to Apple's side of the fence when buying a new mobile device.

Again, it should be noted that Piper Jaffray's research was only conducted with a sample size of 216 mobile device owners. The margin of error for smaller groups is higher.

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