Andrew Luck: Gay Teammate Would Not Be A Problem


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Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck has one message for any hypothetical gay teammate.

Speaking to CNN, Luck says that he would have "absolutely no problem" with an openly gay teammate. In fact, he says that he hopes the NFL, and his team in particular, are open enough to allow such a teammate to be open with himself and the team.

He goes on further to say that he hopes people would treat this hypothetical teammate no differently than anyone else:

“I hope if someone's thinking about (coming out), that if they do come out as gay and it makes them happy and it makes their life easier, then I think they should do it. It’s the 21st century, and I know I would have absolutely no problem with it. I hope no one would treat him any differently than any straight player, no special treatment — he’s just another guy."

Even if Luck has no problem with it, professional sports teams are still largely devoid of openly gay members. Of course, that doesn't mean there are no gay players on these teams. In early May, former NBA player Charles Barkley said that there were many gay NBA players and that he had no problem with it.

Going back to football, Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson spoke out on gay marriage last week. He said that he has no problem with those who are gay and that he loves his family members who happen to be gay. Despite that, he said that he's "not with that" when it comes to gay marriage.

[h/t: Fox Sports]