Andressa Urach Gets Kicked Out Of Portugal Team's Training Camp

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It seems that Andressa Urach does not easily give up when it comes to grabbing the attention of her alleged former flame Cristiano Ronaldo.

Urach, also called Miss BumBum, was on the news just last week for welcoming the Portugal team to the World Cup by painting her body with Ronaldo’s jersey. She also held up a sign that read “Kisses C. Ronaldo.” On Wednesday, Urach was once again the center of attention when she showed up during Portugal’s training session in order to grab the attention of Ronaldo.

Reports said that Urach gained access to the training session by using her press credentials, as she is working with a Brazilian TV station. Security staff escorted Miss BumBum out of the premises even before Ronaldo and his team started training.

“I came to say good luck to Ronaldo and got kicked out! Whatever happened to freedom of expression?” Urach said.

Last year, Urach claimed that she had an affair with Ronaldo while he was in a relationship with girlfriend Irina Shayk. At that time, Ronaldo denied Miss BumBum’s claims on Twitter.

He wrote that Urach was seeking the limelight on his account. “And I wonder why this happens one day before a very important game for my team. Deeply outraged by a situation intended, in vain, to affect my personal life.” The news broke out just before a Champions League match last year.

Ronaldo fans showed their displeasure with Urach by leaving nasty comments on Urach’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. They are asking Miss BumBum to leave their hero alone.

Urach is not new to the spotlight. She is a glamour model and a reality television star who was a contestant on the sixth season of The Farm.

Portugal’s security has been tightened since last week when a boy rushed to the field in order to get an autograph from Ronaldo.

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