Andrea Tantaros, Dave Navarro Dating Rumor Gets Awkward

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Andrea Tantaros of Fox News once derided feminists, saying they were not happy with their sex lives because they "run over men, have sex like a man, tell your man what to do, don't let them open the door. You're not happy with the product, are you ladies?"

Now Andrea Tantaros is getting more press than ever due to rumors that she is stepping out with Jane's addiction guitarist Dave Navarro. Why would the dating news about Andrea Tantaros be any bigger news than any other celeb dating rumor? Maybe it's because she has spoken out about women 'giving it up' without making a man marry her.

"Feminists don't have husbands because women have been encouraged to give 'it' up [sex] freely with the rise of feminism - have sex like a man," Andrea Tantaros said. "So, they're doing this and they're not making the guy step up to put a ring on it."

Perhaps folks are wondering if Andrea Tantaros is going to stick to her guns and insist that Dave Navarro make an honest woman out of her.

Dave Navarro himself has been married and divorced three times. An Us Magazine source said that he loves Andrea Tantaros' show on Fox News. Navarro has said in the past that his favorite "newsman" is Bill O'Reilly. But in admitting that, he clarified that he does not agree with the Fox pundit.

"Because I already know what I believe," Navarro said. "So I like to go to an outlet that is contrary to what my instincts are. He doesn't necessarily convince me of anything different, but I at least get a broader, more well-rounded viewpoint."

Andrea Tantaros got hwere she is on Fox after working as press secretary in the U.S. House of Representatives, writing talking points for the Republican majority. She worked in the campaigns of Republicans Bill Weld, Jeanine Pirro, Thomas Reynolds, and Pat Toomey.

"What I liked about my job was protecting my boss and sort of circling the wagons and being very loyal," Tantaros said. But she thinks that Fox News is a fair and balanced network.

"That's what we do here at Fox News, we present both sides," she argues.

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