Andrea Sneiderman Is Out On Parole

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Andrea Sneiderman, the woman who lied about having an affair with her husband’s killer, was released from prison on parole. Gwendolyn Hogan, spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Corrections, said that Sneiderman was released at 12:22 am on Monday. Family members greeted her.

Sneiderman’s husband was killed in 2010 outside the Dunwoody preschool, where he had just dropped off their son. Hemy Neuman, Sneiderman’s boss, was convicted of the crime in 2012 and is currently serving a life sentence.

At one point in the case, Sneiderman herself was charged with murder. However, the judge dismissed the murder charge due to lack of evidence. Instead, Sneiderman went on trial for perjury. Prosecutors stated that Sneiderman lied to the authorities and denied having an affair with Neuman.

Sneiderman was found guilty on nine of 13 charges in 2013. The charges include false statement and perjury, concealment of material facts, and hindering the apprehension of a criminal. She was sentenced to serve five years, minus a year that she already served.

Based on a report from the Board of Pardons and Paroles, Sneiderman will be under standard supervision until 2017. She will have to get permission to leave the state, and she is required to meet with her parole office once a month. She is also subject to random searches.

Manny Arora, a criminal defense attorney who is not associated with Sneiderman’s case, said that the early release of Sneiderman is not surprising. Arora said that perjury convictions are rare, and he was surprised that Sneiderman had to spend as much time in prison as she did.

“I think they would have let her out. With the overcrowding we have, the actual drug dealers and the guns and the violence we have out there, to have somebody like that is kind of ridiculous,” he said.

Sneiderman’s attorney said that Sneiderman is happy to be back home and will be pursuing an appeal.

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