Amy Poehler Stars In A Series Of Old Navy Commercials [Video]

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As one of the funniest females in Hollywood, Amy Poehler is clearly someone who is in high demand. She has appeared in a variety of shows and films, and has now made her mark in a series of commercials.

The comedic genius that has been a co-host along with Tina Fey for the past two Golden Globe awards, can now be seen in a series of Old Navy commercials, making something as ordinary as pants seem cool.

Amy Poehler won over audiences originally through her part on Saturday Night Live, and especially her spot on "Weekend Update," which she co-hosted with Seth Myers, who is now the host of Late Night With Seth Myers. She has also appeared in a handful of films, most notably Baby Mama, which she did with her good friend Tina Fey.

Since then, she has continually been making people laugh for the past six seasons on the popular NBC comedy Parks And Recreation, portraying the outrageous Leslie Knope, who loves government, and works for the parks department in the small town of Pawnee, Indiana.

Amy Poehler's latest stint is a series of Old Navy commercials, that will be airing on TV shortly. Only one of the commercials has been released so far, but Poehler is expected to be in several that will air on television, and there is also a blooper video that has been released.

In the first commercial, she is seen as a job interviewer, and obsesses over a potential employee’s pants during a job interview. She makes her turn around multiple times to model the pair of pants, and it seems that only someone like Amy Poehler could make viewers laugh at something like this.

In the outtake video, she says something resembling Leslie Knope exactly when saying "Would it be weird if I bought the same ones? And we wore them on the same day? And we went to the beach together? Don’t answer that question.” It certainly sounds like something that she might say to Ann in an episode of Parks And Recreation, right?

Who knew that even a commercial about pants could turn out with hilarious results? Amy Poehler continues to show people that she can make anything seem funny, as people continue to tune in for her hit show every Thursday.

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