Amy Duggar-King May Have Just Responded To Those Pregnancy Rumors

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Amy Duggar-King, cousin to the infamous 19 Kids And Counting family, has been of great interest to fans in recent years due to her "rebellious" attitude when it comes to sharing the same values as the Duggars. When she got married last year, many were excited to see the photos (and find out which Duggar family members showed up in the midst of a scandal). Now, fans are just as eagerly awaiting a pregnancy announcement, but Amy may not be ready to jump right in to parenthood.

The reality star and aspiring singer shared a photo on Instagram recently that seems to sum up her feelings about being a mom.

So true!

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Although Amy has been involved in the Duggar family's reality show, she says she prefers to keep some moments private. When her wedding day came, she kept the cameras at bay but gave details to magazines afterward, saying it was a perfect day.

"My wedding was perfect because there were no cameras around. I'm really glad that special pause was just between the two of us. I believe that some of life's sweetest memories should be kept private and intimate," Amy wrote on her blog.

The Duggar family has managed to stay in the headlines lately despite not having their show on the air anymore; between Jill and Jessa--who have their own spinoff and are navigating through motherhood with their first children--and Josh Duggar, who is laying low after a succession of scandals, it's difficult to scroll through the Web and not find something about them.

Despite not following the same lifestyle as the rest of the Duggar family, Amy stays close with her cousins and says she talks to Anna Duggar often while Josh is in counseling.

"She's good. I talk to her a lot. She's doing good. She's strong. I wouldn't be handling it quite the same way."

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