Amy Adams Talks "Big Eyes" Inspiration

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Amy Adams snagged a coveted role in the upcoming Tim Burton film Big Eyes, and while there's no doubt she would have been able to tap into her character's psyche with her own undeniable talent, she says that being a mom helped her see things in a different way.

Adams, who plays real-life artist Margaret Keane, says she got to meet the lady she was portraying and was fascinated to learn things from her about her own life. Keane's second husband, Walter, ultimately took credit for the paintings of big-eyed characters she created in the '60s. The film tells the story of how she grew as an artist and eventually announced to the world that she was the one behind the artwork. For Adams, sharing motherhood with Keane allowed her to understand the complexities of what the character required.

"Being a mom, I kind of saw [Margaret Keane] as a more complete woman and I was just sort of really interested in exploring that complexity. It was just really helpful and very sort of crucial in me being able to bring her to life. I'm glad we're getting to tell her story and I'm glad we're getting to tell it from Margaret, who is such a quiet, dignified woman. She would never come out and seek this attention for herself, so it's nice to get to bring attention to her and to her story," Adams told Access Hollywood.

Adams is receiving rave reviews for the film, with one Hollywood Foreign Press Association member reportedly saying, "She's a hugely talented actress with a lot of range. Nice is just the icing on the cake." Indeed, rumors are flying that Adams will walk away with some highly coveted awards next year. And for those wondering, Margaret Keane has seen the film more than once and, according to Adams, had a different reaction each time.

"The first time she was so traumatized going back to that time period in her life and sort of re-experiencing those emotions and that kind of betrayal and just sort of the weight of deception. I think she actually got to enjoy it the second time. She got to really be thrilled at her story being told and the way it was brought to life," she said.

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