Amy Adams Lays On Channing Tatum For Magazine Cover

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Amy Adams was one of several stars fortunate enough to grace the cover of Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue this year, and she wasn't about to fade into the background of the photo shoot; the Big Eyes star draped one shapely leg over Channing Tatum's shoulder as he stood with one hand on Reese Witherspoon's hip, and the cover is making headlines this week.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz said the intimate look of the shoot was intentional, and that she wanted to get up close to the stars this year. In previous years, the subjects were arranged on a large set with the camera fairly far away.

“Usually you shoot from fairly far away, but we wanted to get really close to the actors. We made an effort to create a feeling of intimacy. I pushed into them, shooting to the left and then the right, coming in as tight as I could," Leibovitz said.

Amy Adams has received good reviews for her role in Tim Burton's Big Eyes, a film about artist Margaret Keane and her complicated relationship with a husband who allegedly took credit for her work for years. The movie earned Adams a Golden Globe and several other nominations.

“Being a mom, I kind of saw [Margaret Keane] as a more complete woman and I was just sort of really interested in exploring that complexity. It was just really helpful and very sort of crucial in me being able to bring her to life. I’m glad we’re getting to tell her story and I’m glad we’re getting to tell it from Margaret, who is such a quiet, dignified woman. She would never come out and seek this attention for herself, so it’s nice to get to bring attention to her and to her story,” Amy Adams told Access Hollywood.

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