American Horror Story 4, "Carnival" Theme Announced

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American Horror Story, a horror television series broadcast on FX, has included many settings so far in its 3-year run: 2011 Los Angeles, 1964 Massachusetts, and 1800/2013 New Orleans.

Recently AHS writer, Douglas Petrie, confirmed in the Nerdist News podcast that the new setting for the fourth segment of the series will be a carnival theme.

When asked about the rumored theme, Petrie said, "We will find [our plan] and it's gonna be awesome. We don't know what we're doing ... It does not have a title, but [carnival], that's the idea, very roughly that's the idea."

Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of the show, had previously announced that the fourth season will take place in the 1950s. It will be the final run for actress Jessica Lange, who has starred in the previous three seasons. Currently Lange, age 64, is working on her German accent for the next season.

No other casting decisions have been announced.

Murphy previously said of the series, "We come up with story first and then we come up with the characters. It is a repertory company, so we’ll move people around and sometimes there won’t yet be a role for somebody. Like when we started [the second season], I really had no idea that Dylan [McDermott] would be the person to play Sarah’s son, but the deeper we got, I thought, that would work great."

Lange, who was discovered at a young age, appearing in the 1976 remake of King Kong, has received critical acclaim for her work on AHS, receiving the Emmy Award, the Golden Globe Award, and the Screen Actor's Guild Award for her performance.

In the past, Lange has admitted to suffering from bouts of depression, but says, "Though my dark side is dormant right now, it continues to play a big role in whatever capacity I have to be creative. That's the well I'm able to tap into, where all the anguish, rage and sadness are stored."

That dark side is definitely revealed, and magnificently so, in her various roles on AHS.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, creators Murphy and Brad Falchuk and a handful of players from the repertory cast are set to appear on the AHSpanel at PaleyFest on March 28. Last year Murphy announced the third season concept and Coven from that stage.

American Horror Story returns to FX in the fall of 2014.

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