Amber Tamblyn: Dress Gets More Attention Than Wedding

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When Amber Tamblyn walked down the "aisle" to marry David Cross, she did it her own way, in a bright, curve-hugging dress that matched the fall foliage behind her perfectly. Now, she's getting some attention for her choice in wedding attire.

The actress, 29, and "Arrested Development" star, 48, chose an outdoor location for their nuptials, with the bride going barefoot down a dirt path leading from the red canoe she arrived in. Her brilliant yellow gown was a flare of color on what appeared to be an overcast day, blending in well with the leaves and flowers that made up the ceremony's decor.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the couple chose such a unique way to say their vows, as they've been viewed as quirky and untraditional in Hollywood for a while now. Still, that yellow dress has garnered a lot of attention, especially on Twitter.

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