Amazon's Indie Games Store Is Open For Business


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Indie gaming is becoming increasingly more important as AAA titles become less frequent. Valve, Sony and Nintendo have all jumped on board the indie gaming bandwagon, and now Amazon has thrown its support behind it as well.

Amazon announced today that it's opening an indie games storefront on its site. In Amazon's own words, it's all about increasing discoverability:

The Indie Games Store is a dedicated storefront designed to specifically help indie game developers with promoting their PC, Mac, and browser-based games while helping gamers discover a large and growing selection of innovative indie games.

You will realize this is only a good thing if you've ever browsed Amazon's digital game catalog. Before, everything was lumped together into one storefront and some great indie games were pushed to the very back. Now these titles have their own storefront where consumers can more easily find interesting and unique titles.

As with most major product launches, Amazon will be offering a number of promotions to those who buy indie games from its new store:

  • Indie Spotlight – The Indie Spotlight puts the focus on developers with Q&A and featured bios to give customers a glimpse of each developer’s style and personality. We’ll feature a different indie developer every week starting today with Gaijin Games.
  • Indie Bundles – Starting today until July 23rd, gamers can get great deals on Indie Bundles and increase their collection. These bundles are made up of 5, 6, or 10 games each, and will cost $9.99, which is a discount of up to 90% off if purchased separately.
  • Gift with Purchase – Starting today until July 17th, customers who purchase any indie title from the Indie Games Store, will receive codes to redeem 3 pre-selected titles for free. The games change daily and each purchase entitles customers to 3 free games, so customers are encouraged to check often.
  • Indie Gamer’s Choice – To help connect gamers and developers, we're introducing the Indie Gamer’s Choice program, where gamers can get involved. The Indie Gamer’s Choice positions two indie games head-to-head and allows players to vote on their favorite title to become the Indie Gamer’s Choice, which is featured in the store.
  • Amazon is still trailing behind Steam when it comes to digital distribution, but it's quickly becoming a major player in the space. Moves like this only further cement Amazon as one of the premier destinations for digital game downloads. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon released a desktop app to directly compete with Steam and Origin.