Amazon to Create Original Series?

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New Amazon VP's LinkedIn profile changed from VP of original series at Amazon to VP of Production leading reporters to believe that Amazon will be joining Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube in creating original shows. Lewis is a new executive to the company and he changed his working title as soon as Fortune Magazine began requesting comments about plans to generate original content. His public LinkedIn profile highlights many accomplishments that qualify him to bring Amazon to the forefront.

This oops is not the first sign that Amazon wants to gain exposure in new frontiers, "in the past, Amazon has dabbled in feature films as well, though it approaches them in an unconventional model based on crowd-sourcing ideas. But the hiring of Lewis this month as well as two job listings last month calling for creative executives to helm comedy and kids series, indicates Amazon wants to try its hand at TV, too."

Gartner Analyst, Ray Valdes finds the move to create original series a logical step and points out that the majority of capital to support the creation of such content will come from investors. Other networks have been making the following shows available to viewers: political comedy Battlefield (Hulu), Lilyhammer, a show starring Sopranos actor Steven van Zandt, the Kevin Spacey series House of Cards is due out later this year, and the the cult favorite Arrested Development is slated to be resuscitated on the streaming service early next year (Netflix).

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