Amazon Launches Cloud Drive Photos On Android

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Despite some confusion as to what the cloud actually is, many Americans are turning to it for all their storage needs. There's big money to be had for the players in the cloud storage business and Amazon is one of the biggest players. To continue its dominance, Amazon needs to move to more platforms and that's just what it's doing.

Amazon announced today that its Cloud Drive Photo app is now available on Android phones and tablets. Android users can sign in with their Amazon account and get access to 5GB of cloud storage immediately. The photos uploaded to the service can be accessed via any Android or Kindle device and PCs. Those who need more storage can upgrade to 20GB for only $10 a year.

“Customers rely on their mobile devices more and more to capture the memories that matter to them,” said Russell Dicker, Director of Cloud Drive. They are taking photos at birthday parties, soccer games, and kids’ recitals every day on their Android phones and tablets. The Cloud Drive Photos for Android app makes it simple to save these memories into Cloud Drive and have them automatically available on your Kindle Fire or Android Phone or Tablet.”

Android users who decide to go with Amazon for their cloud storage needs can look forward to the following features:

  • All Your Photos, Wherever You Go: Save your entire photo collection in Cloud Drive and your photos will be available to enjoy on your Kindle Fire, Android Phones and tablets, or with any web browser.
  • Share Photos Through Your Favorite Apps: You can select photos directly from your Cloud Drive and share them through Facebook, email and many other apps.
  • Save to the Cloud: It’s simple to save photos to your Cloud Drive – simply press and hold on a photo or album and select “Upload to Cloud Drive” to save directly to the Amazon Cloud from your device.
  • Beautiful Photo Display: Your photos are displayed in a horizontal mosaic or vertical grid view, optimized for the screen size of your Android device.
  • The Cloud Drive photo app is not yet available on iOS, but that should change soon. Readers point out that Amazon has brought all of its other apps to the App Store. At this point, it's only a matter of time before iOS users can have more options for cloud storage.