Amanda Seyfried Replaces Tatiana Maslany In Play

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Amanda Seyfried will be replacing Tatiana Maslany in The Way We Get By, an off-Broadway play by Neil LaBute.

This will be Amanda Seyfried's first off-Broadway show.

The Way We Get By is about two attractive people who hook up after a wedding.

Amanda Seyfried will be directed by Leigh Silverman, who was a Tony nominee last season for Violet.

Tatiana Maslany, the star of Orphan Black, left the role due to scheduling conflicts.

Amanda Seyfried will star opposite Thomas Sadoski.

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After the one night stand, they begin to question sex, society, and what they really know about one another.

Thomas Sadoski has starred in Wild and The Newsroom.

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Amanda Seyfried had a starring role as Cosette in Les Miserables, as well as roles in Mama Mia!, and of course, Mean Girls.

The play previews on April 28th, opens on May 20th, and runs through June 14th.


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Amanda Seyfried also stars in the new movie Ted 2.

Amanda Seyfried was not in the first super classy movie, but she has been added on to this one.

The movie follows Ted, the crude stuffed bear belonging to Mark Wahlberg, as he fights for his rights to have a baby with his human wife, Tammy Lynn.

Seth MacFarlane returned to direct Amanda Seyfried in the sequel after Ted earned a shocking $549.4 million worldwide.

It just doesn't seem conceivable that so many people paid to see that movie.

Oh, well. Surely Amanda Seyfried will add a little class to that franchise, if it's at all possible.

What do you think about Amanda Seyfried's new off-Broadway role?

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