Amanda Bynes Shares Her Love Of Rolexes & Diet Coke

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Amanda Bynes has seen nearly as much headline time in the past year as Lindsay Lohan, which is saying a lot. The 26-year old (former?) actress has been followed by controversy since she was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of DUI last June, eventually being accused of everything from locking herself in the bathroom of a cupcake joint for an hour to walking around a tanning salon totally nude.

But despite reports of odd behavior--the many, many reports--Bynes has proven she's just a normal girl by sharing a list of things we don't know about her with Us Magazine. Check it out below.

1. My first concert was the Spice Girls. I always wanted to be Posh.
2. I've always loved drawing and my dream is to start a fashion line.
3. I went on Accutane and it really helped my skin clear up.
4. My favorite store is American Apparel.
5. Rag and Bone makes the best jeans.
6. I'm addicted to online shopping.
7. My nickname is Chick.
8. I know how to play the piano and the violin.
9. My grandma and grandpa are from Toronto.
10. My favorite perfume is Stella by Stella McCartney.
11. I gain weight quickly so I need to work out constantly.
12. I would love to start recording an album.
13. I started acting when I was 7. My first commercial was Nestle Buncha Crunch.
14. My favorite dark lipstick is Diva by Mac.
15. I moved to New York City and I love it! I lost 4 lbs. since I moved. I'm 121 lbs -- my goal is 100 lbs.
16. I survived Hurricane Sandy.
17. I bought a Rolex. It's my most prized possession.
18. Diet Coke is my favorite soda.
19. I'm Polish, Irish and Lithuanian on my dad's side; Romanian, Polish and Russian on my mom's side.
20. Macaroons are my favorite cookie.
21. Alexander Wang makes the best T-shirts.
22. Paper Boy and Ms. Pac Man are my favorite childhood video games.
23. I always fall asleep during massages. I love them.
24. I love eggplant Parmesan.
25. I love going to the Bahamas.

Amanda Crum
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