Amanda Bynes' Parents Not Surprised by Latest Arrest

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Amanda Bynes' parents must be exhausted. For two years now the supportive couple have had to watch their daughter make headlines for a variety of negative reasons, including a DUI, bong throwing, and playing with fire.

Bynes' latest arrest came earlier this week when the 28-year-old former actress was arrested once again for driving under the influence. Bynes had stopped in the middle of an intersection in Los Angeles early Sunday morning and then failed field sobriety tests. The actress could now be facing jail time, as she was already on probation for her first DUI incident.

None of the news this week seems to have surprised Bynes' parents, who have stood by their daughter through her troubles. Bynes' father, Rick Bynes, told reporters on Monday that he and his wife know little about the incident, as they haven't heard much from their daughter in weeks. He also distanced himself from the mess, saying that Amanda "does what she wants."

Bynes' parents had temporary conservatorship over their daughter's finances for over a year following an incident in which the former actress started a fire in a stranger's driveway. That conservatorship ended on September 10.

For a while it had seemed as if Bynes had her life back on track. After the incident with the driveway fire Bynes was hospitalized and received mental health care. Early this year the former actress announced that she was attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Now it appears that Bynes is back on her downward spiral. In addition to the DUI arrest Bynes has been kicked out of school for her bizarre behavior.

The saga of Bynes' breakdown began in early 2012 when the star was charged with a DUI following a hit-and-run on a police cruiser in Los Angeles. Bynes then moved to New York City, where she began wearing strange wigs and posting topless selfies to Twitter. She was arrested again in May 2013 for possession of marijuana and reckless endangerment for throwing a bong out of her Manhattan apartment window.

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