Amanda Bynes Makes An Inspiring Transformation


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Six months ago, Amanda Bynes couldn't stay out of trouble. From DUIs to throwing bongs to getting kicked out of hotels, Amanda was unstoppable, with her Twitter documenting her debacle. Then late last year, she was involuntarily hospitalized at a rehab facility in Malibu for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Now, Amanda's out of rehab, moved in with her parents, and enrolled at FIDM, taking classes towards a degree in fashion design. And we couldn't be more happy for her.

Remember those tweets about Rihanna and Drake, and those half-naked selfies? Gone. Amanda erased all of her old Twitter content and started fresh just a few weeks ago with this quick update:

She's agreed to see a counselor twice a week, and is compliant with her treatment. "This is an important step in her rehabilitation," Amanda's lawyer Gerald Shargel says. "She's very happy to reestablish the loving relationship with her family that she once shared. I am optimistic about her future and pleased with the result."

Since her re-emergence, Amanda has been seen taking trips to the gym and most recently, attending fashion shows for FIDM. It seems as if the relationships in her life are healthy, loving, and stable, which is the key to her recovery and future healthy lifestyle. This is a big turn-around from last year, when Amanda publicly dismissed her friends and family online. "She deleted all of her email addresses and cell phone numbers so none of her friends can get in touch with her," says Lance Bass. "Her family and friends can’t get to her… so the only way into her life is through Twitter." That all seems in the past, as the actress-turned-fashion student is letting people, and happiness, back into her life. And her fans couldn't be more proud.

Image via Wikimedia Commons