Amanda Bynes Gets Kicked Out Of Fashion School


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Amanda Bynes had a few rough years, but was working hard to get her life back in order. Bynes was arrested several times in 2013 and was even sent to rehab for get help with her alcohol abuse and alleged mental disorders.

Bynes was released to her parents in December 2013 and tried to stay out of the spotlight for the most part. The former child star said that she was focused on getting healthy and had started fashion school.

Bynes was rarely seen after leaving rehab but her parents and friends claimed that she was doing really well and enjoying school.

Unfortunately for Bynes, she was arrested this week and charged with a DUI. As if that wasn't bad enough, according to TMZ, Bynes was also kicked out of fashion school.

The two incidents are not believed to be connected, and Bynes was allegedly behaving badly at school long before she was kicked out.

Student Rachel Loritz told TMZ that Bynes was horrible to be around and that she often ditched class, paid other students to do her homework and appeared to be high when she did attend class. The source also said that Bynes always wore dark sunglasses in class and would often laugh out loud at random and inappropriate times.

Another source told TMZ that Bynes was caught cheating on a test and when she was confronted, she threw a fit and made a huge scene.

Both sources claim that Bynes was kicked out last month.

Bynes's mental health has been questioned many times over the last year, but her family members and friends insists that she is not suffering from any mental disorders.

There were no other reports of Bynes drinking or behaving badly before her DUI arrest since getting out of rehab.

Do you think the DUI could have been a result of Bynes reacting badly to being kicked out of fashion school?