Amanda Bynes' Family Disputes Claims Of Abuse

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Amanda Bynes is still in the care of a psychiatric hospital after she posted several tweets which alleged abuse at the hands of her father, and now her family is speaking out against her claims.

Bynes was reportedly taken to a treatment center in Pasadena on Friday but was under the impression she was being driven to an appointment. Involved in the intervention was Sam Lufti, Britney Spears' former manager.

“Lutfi convinced her to take a car service to what she believed was a Pasadena law office, where she would meet with a lawyer about suing her parents for abuse. The building was actually a mental facility. When she walked in the front door, she was restrained and involuntarily committed,” TMZ said.

Bynes' siblings, Jillian O'Keefe and Tommy Bynes, have issued a statement saying they are "disturbed" by their sister's claims of sexual abuse at the hands of their father. Bynes made the claims on Twitter in several posts and also said, among other things, that she was being brainwashed and had a microchip in her brain.

"We are disturbed beyond words that Amanda would come up with such a fabrication as a way to avoid getting much needed help or treatment. We have the most wonderful parents who have ever lived [and] are pained by [Amanda's] behavior. … We absolutely give our full unconditional love and support to our wonderful parents," they told People Magazine.

amanda bynes tweet

amanda bynes tweets

Bynes has since deleted the tweets.

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