Alyssa Milano Leaving ABC Show 'Mistresses'

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Alyssa Milano is reportedly leaving the ABC hit show Mistresses, in which she has starred for two seasons. The show will be returning for a third season despite Milano's departure. She shared word of her departure--as well as the reason behind it--via her website.

"After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot season three of Mistresses in Vancouver, Canada, for financial reasons. It's with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can't relocate," she shared with her fans. "I have two babies under 4. Being a mother and wife comes first and I just can not uproot my children and separate the family by moving away. I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best."

No word has emerged yet as to how the producers of Mistresses will handle Alyssa Milano's character, Savannah 'Savi' Davis, given her recent announcement about not returning to the show.

Alyssa Milano and her her husband David Bugliari have a daughter named Elizabella, who was born just under a month ago on September 4th. They have a son named Milo Thomas, who is three.

In addition to having starred in Mistresses, Alyssa Milano is known for roles in Charmed and Melrose Place. She is probably best known for the sitcom she first starred in 30 years ago alongside Tony Danza--Who's the Boss?

Are you a Mistresses fan? Are you bummed that Alyssa Milano is leaving the show? How do you think producers should handle her departure? Should they kill off Savannah Davis or should they replace her character with another actress instead?

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