Alyson Hannigan Won't Let Her Kids Watch TV Yet


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Alyson Hannigan owes her career to television. The TV star got her big break thanks to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother. Despite her strong ties to television, her children aren't going to be watching it anytime soon.

Speaking to Cover Media, Hannigan says she and her husband do not allow their children to watch television. Her children, with the oldest, Satyana, being five and the youngest, Keeva, being two, are of the age at which most parents introduce children to educational television like Sesame Street. Her kids won't be sharing adventures with Elmo and pals just yet, however, as Hannigan wants to wait.

How much longer will her kids have to wait before they can experience the very thing that made their mother famous? She says Satyana is almost ready to start watching television. In fact, she's surprised Satyana hasn't been begging to watch television. After all, her daughter surely has friends that talk about the latest Yo Gabba Gabba. Instead, her daughter has been convinced that television is just news and sports - both of which are pretty boring to a five-year-old girl.

Satyana hasn't been completely shut off from the world of visual media though. Like every other girl her age, she has at least seen Frozen, but with a twist. Hannigan decided that her daughter could only watch Frozen without any audio. While it may seem a little weird, she has it better than some of us that still can't let it go.

Even as Hannigan's daughter starts to watch movies and television, most of her mother's career will remain inaccessible. Hannigan's latest film - American Reunion - is the fourth theatrical film in the American Pie series of sex comedies. On second thought, maybe her kids are growing up faster than previously thought: