Alyson Hannigan Talks 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale

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Alyson Hannigan admits she should probably watch the final episode of How I Met Your Mother in the privacy of her own home because she's likely to be quite emotional about it.

The finale of CBS' beloved series will air March 31. The show has enjoyed a nine season run, and Hannigan has been a part of it since the beginning.

"This ninth season was shot around so many different schedules, and it was such a weird season that it was almost like our methadone. It was a nice way of getting used to not seeing everyone every day of the week. So it prepared us for the finality of it all," Hannigan recently told Time.

Hannigan isn't spilling any secrets about the finale, but she said the script was "amazing and wonderful and happy and sad and all of the above."

When The Talk cohost Sharon Osbourne asked Hannigan what she would miss most about fellow cast member Jason Segal, Hannigan was so overcome with emotion she could barely answer.

"He's ... just such a wonderful guy," Hannigan managed before tearing up and joking "I'm not gonna miss him ... I'm not good at answering this question ... I'm on a daytime talk show crying. This isn't how it's supposed to go."

Hannigan wasn't the only one who got emotional about the show's finale. She told Jimmy Kimmel that "99 percent of the room was crying" at the final table read. "That's executives and everything."

Hannigan, who readily admitted to Kimmel that she cried more than anyone else in the room, says her next project is helping her cope with the end of HIMYM.

Hannigan is starring in a new pilot, More Time with Family. In fact, she'll be busy filming the day after the HIMYM finale airs.

"I love television and it’s been fantastic to me and the best writing right now is on television. I love the family aspect of these long-running shows ... I knew that that’s what I wanted to stay in. But coming off of nine years, I wasn’t going to do something unless I absolutely fell in love with it. I was thinking that’d be down the road, and then I read this script," she said. "Hopefully it won’t be the rebound relationship. Hopefully it’ll be the marriage after the really good long relationship."

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