Allison Williams Tells Her “Weight Loss” Secret, How She’s a Little Like Marnie

Back in 2010, Girls’ star Allison Williams did a music video that married the well-known Mad Men theme music with the lyrics from Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy.”

Now that she is starring in Girls, there have been lots of comments about how she lost so much weight. In an interview with Allure that accompanied a photo shoot for that magazine’s cover, Williams revealed her “weight loss secret.”

“When I did the ‘Mad Men’ thing, I was graduating from college — you’re college-weight. And so when we filmed the pilot for Girls and even into that first season, I looked like someone I hadn’t looked like for four years.

“But that’s still the way it was set in people’s minds, so they’re like, ‘Oh, my God, you’ve lost weight.’ And I’m like, ‘This is just the way my body is very naturally.’ It’s a little bit stressful to know that there are a lot of people walking around who think I’m constantly just shaking and depriving myself.”

Williams spoke about a beauty “mistake” she made in high school, which led to a very careless statement from a boy she knew.

“I cut off my hair twice. It was in high school, and a boy that I had a crush on said, ‘You’ve lost your aura.’ It was, to this day, the most offensive thing anyone’s ever said to me. And it was before extensions were everywhere, and I just had to muscle through it.”

Williams stars as Marnie on Girls. Marnie has been described as ”responsible and serious” by HBO. But The Daily Beast was a bit more colorful in their outline, calling Marnie an “impeccably groomed ingrate, with the looks of a young Brooke Shields and the personality of that girl from college you wanted push into oncoming traffic every time you saw her on campus.”

Williams says that, while Marnie is a fictional character, there is a similarity between her and the character.

“[We] share that push and pull between accepting the way you’re wired, that you want your ducks in a row. And that is desperately uncool when you’re in high school and college and in your early 20s. It’s supposed to be this time where everyone’s sort of living on the edge of uncertainty and fine with it. And that’s just not where I feel comfortable.”

Here’s that “how’d she lose so much weight” video that Williams spoke of.

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