Allison Williams Pulls A Jennifer Aniston, Gets Tom Hanks To Marry Her

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Allison Williams and beau Ricky Van Veen took a page out of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's book on Saturday and married in a secret ceremony in Wyoming, although how they managed to keep the media at bay with a gathering of such famous guests is still a mystery.

According to ABC News, the guest list was filled with celebrity names, including Allison's Girls co-stars and a bevy of famous musicians from Katy Perry to Bruce Springsteen. Not only that, none other than Tom Hanks officiated the ceremony. That could have something to do with the fact that his wife, actress Rita Wilson, plays Allison's mom on the hit HBO show.

Williams and Van Veen had been engaged for a year but were pretty low-key about it with the media after her father, veteran news anchor Brian Williams, came under fire due to allegations that he'd lied about his involvement in several news stories.

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According to a source at Page Six, part of the hush-hush preparations included keeping the guests in the dark about where they were going. In a level of subterfuge that was like something out of a movie, those who were invited to the big day were told to fly into Denver and were then driven to the location, which was hours away.

“Guests were asked to fly into Denver, where they would be driven around three hours to the wedding location, but nobody knew where it was going to be," the source said.

Meanwhile, Brian Williams will return to television on Tuesday when he covers Pope Francis' visit to the U.S. for MSNBC. Rumor has it that he pushed to wait for his comeback until after Allison Williams was married so that the attention would stay on her.

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