Alive Inside Film Shows Alzheimers & Dementia Patients Find Hope In Music

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For anyone who's had a loved one who has suffered from Alzheimers or dementia, or is currently going through the ordeal, will tell you it's one of the most trying and hurting experiences they've been through. When a loved one dies, there's a mourning period that takes place where you get to remember them and then begin the grieving process. With Alzheimers you have to sit and watch a loved one become a person you don't even recognize, and they don't recognize you back. Often times it becomes a long and grueling process that takes an emotional toll.

Due to the feelings that alzheimers and dementia stirs up, it's always uplifting when you come across something like - Alive Inside. It's a documentary which looks to show the power of music, and how it can help the elderly who suffer from these brain diseases.

The film isn't premiering until April 18th, and will be shown at the Rubin Museum in New York City. They have released a trailer for their movie, which you can view below...

Music & Memory Story - Short from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.

Along with this trailer, they have an older short movie which was released late in 2011 that has become a viral success. It picked up on Reddit, and with the combined power from a couple of YouTube channels has reached over 1.4 millions views.

Here's another short movie you can watch as well...

With the success of the video, hopefully this will allow them to release the documentary through various channels so more people can watch it. If you take in a viewing at the Rubin Museum there will be Alzheimer's specialists there to take questions and provide additional information.

As someone who has watched a loved one suffer through dementia & Alzheimers, videos like this give a small bit of hope. It might not be a cure or long term solution; but anything which can help make the rough journey for the afflicted and their families a little less painful while also lifting their spirits is a great thing.

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