Alison Sweeney Writes Goodbye Note To "Days Of Our Lives" Fans


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Alison Sweeney had a long career on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives. She played the character of Sami Brady on the show for 21 years. Unfortunately, Sweeney will no longer be appearing on the show and her last episode aired on Thursday.

Sweeney said that she was thankful to have had such a great career and said that she loved playing the role of a villain.

"I never imagined in a million years today that I would be sitting here, 21 years later," she told E! News. "I had no idea what was in store for me, but I remember wanting to play a villain."

Sweeney wasn't about to go out quietly though and she posted a goodbye note to her fans, letting them know how much they mean to her and how thankful she was to have their support over the years.

"Whether it was ‪#‎Ejami‬, ‪#‎Lumi‬, ‪#‎Safe‬, ‪#‎Kami‬or ... ‪#‎Sole‬, or somewhere in between, whether I personally liked the story or not, I did my best to keep Sami true to herself, and played every scene as honestly as I could," Sweeney wrote. "I look back through all of it, and am proud of what I accomplished. Proud of the memories, the hard work and the fun times. I'm proud of who I've become as a result of my 21 years in Salem."

"No question - I am ‪#‎teamSami‬. I have always rooted for her… to finally stop putting her foot in her mouth, being her own worst enemy, eternally needing her parents approval, oh, this list could go on and on," Sweeney continued. "It's impossible to miss Sami's faults. But I loved her more for them. And I loved playing her faults and her character flaws as much I loved playing the scenes when she persevered! And now it's been only 5 months since I've stopped getting scripts in the mail, and I MISS HER. I miss Sami, her insecurities and her agendas. I miss my friends in the cast and crew who are as close as family to me. And now that you've shared with my Sami's final goodbyes, I will miss all of you."

Sweeney began the show in January 1993 and was a big fan of the show before she joined the cast. She decided it was time to leave to concentrate more on her husband and her two children.