Alison Lundergan Grimes "Won't Be Bullied" By Mitch McConnell

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Alison Lundergan Grimes spoke at a news conference recently while on the campaign trail in Kentucky, and is getting positive feedback from political correspondents for her willingness to relax a bit rather than sticking to the topics she's already covered.

Grimes also responded to Mitch McConnell's recent attack ads, which focus on her refusal to divulge whether she voted for President Obama. Grimes has said many times that because privacy is a voter's right--and because it's part of a Senate leader's job to protect those rights--she can't in good conscience make her choice known, and made that clear in a recent debate against McConnell.

“I’m not going to be bullied by Mitch McConnell or Chuck Todd,” she said during the news conference.

As the campaign draws near an end ahead of Election Day, the The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has announced it will cease airing television ads for Grimes, a decision that the political media has run wild with. But she says it's being blown out of proportion.

“It’s a lot of hyperventilating out there by the media. This campaign is Kentucky through and through, and it’s going to be Kentuckians that carry it across the finish line," she said.

Grimes and McConnell have been neck-and-neck for the better part of the race, with the 30-year Senate veteran attacking Grimes for her stance on gun control laws and coal and accusing her of lying about him during her campaign. Grimes says it's time for a breath of fresh air after three decades and frequently cites both their records when confronted with accusations of deception.

Amanda Crum
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